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Title: Oral Pathology Digital Lab
Author/Creator: Toner, Mary
Doyle, Patrick
Date: 2010
Description: This practical is aimed at 4th and 5th year dental undergraduate students, and may help in revision for post graduates preparing for core course exams and MFDS. Students have learned about these diseases while studying in the PBL part of the course. Students will also have come across some of these diseases in clinics depending upon you level of experience. If the students have done the practical class, they will have seen these slides and followed through the handout and class discussion, and this will be a useful revision tool for you. The aim of this course material is to allow you to cement what students have learned; to recognise the pathologic features and to correlate the clinical and pathologic features to make a diagnosis. The students should consider other tests that would help further with the diagnosis and review the management of the condition. The cases are ordered in sequence and build on one another and therefore the ideal way to look at the cases is in sequence. Each case does however stand alone and the students can opt to pick out individual cases. They are not however labelled by diagnosis as this defeats the purpose of challenging you with the possible differential diagnoses. The students should begin by opening the file for a case that plays the images in the practical along with voice over explaining the features. At points along the way, there will be questions that pop up. When the students have given some thought to the answer, they should advance the slide show and the answers will be given or shown to you. These resources were created using slide photographs, Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 and Camtasia Studio. This resource includes 1 case in a series of 5 cases. The cases consist of a number of resources (flash / swf files) The Case titles are: 1. Dentofacial Infection (4 resources) 2. Oral Malignancy and Premalignancy (OMPM) (7 resources) 3. Lesions of the Mouth (7 resources) 4. Facial Pain (6 resources) 5. Mucosal Diseases (7 resources) There are a total of 31 resources. One further resource is to be added to the Mucosal Diseases title (case #5).
Subject keyword : oral
Oral Malignancy
Lesions of the Mouth
Facial Pain
Mucosal Diseases
Subject keyword (controlled): Biological Sciences
Intended Level: 8 – Honours bachelors degree / Higher Diploma
Rights: Some Rights Reserved; Open Access NDLR Licence (Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported) Applies 
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