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-Writing to patients: 'putting the patient in the picture'-0
11-Nov-2010Self-care coping strategies in people with diabetes: a qualitative exploratory studyHealth Research Board0
11-Nov-2010The cumulative effect of core lifestyle behaviours on the prevalence of hypertension and dyslipidemiaServier Laboratories (Ireland); Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical LTD; Pfizer (Ireland); Zeneca Pharma0
11-Nov-2010The prevalence of self-reported deliberate self harm in Irish adolescentsNational Suicide Review Group; The Ireland Funds0
11-Nov-2010Participation in everyday activities and quality of life in pre-teenage children living with cerebral palsy in South West IrelandEuropean Commission0
11-Nov-2010Neighbourhood perceptions of physical activity: a qualitative studyNorthside Community Health Initiative0
11-Nov-2010Prevalence of overweight and obesity on the island of Ireland: results from the North South Survey of Children's Height, Weight and Body Mass Index, 2002-0
11-Nov-2010Screening for autistic spectrum disorder at the 18-month developmental assessment: a population-based study-0
11-Nov-2010Adverse childhood experiences and lifetime suicide ideation: a cross-sectional study in a non-psychiatric hospital settingHealth Research Board; Cork University Hospital0
11-Nov-2010Prevalence and lifestyle determinants of the metabolic syndrome-0