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Title: CALMAT Version 5.0 Student Edition
Author/Creator: Milne, Sue
Cook, Jean
Glasgow Caledonian University
Date: 2010
Description: CALMAT (Computer Assisted Learning in Mathematics) reproduces the entire Higher Leaving Certificate syllabus as an interactive set of course notes, tutorials and assessments. Download the zipped archive, unpack and read the StudentReadMe.txt CAREFULLY before installing. It cannot be installed on Macs. Produced by Glasgow Caledonian University under a Creative Commons Share-and-Share alike License. You may re-distribute freely as long as the License is with it and it is unchanged.
Subject keyword : CALMAT
Subject keyword (controlled): Learning Technology
Education science
Intended Level: 7 – Ordinary bachelor degree
6 – Advanced certificate / Higher certificate
5 – Level 5 certificate / Leaving certificate
Rights: Some Rights Reserved; Open Access NDLR Licence (Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported) Applies 
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