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Title: Introducing Data Mining using Rapidminer - Video Series
Author/Creator: Hofmann, Markus
Gray, Geraldine
Klinkenberg, Ralf
Date: 1-Mar-2010
Description: This submission consists of a series of videos that use the open source rapidminer on the subject of data mining. The video tutorials are given by Mr. Ralf Klinkenberg and Dr. Ingo Mierswa (both co-founders of rapidminer and Rapid-i).
Subject keyword : data mining
institute of technology blanchardstown
Dr. Markus Hofmann
Subject keyword (controlled): Computer Science
Computer science
Intended Level: 9 – Masters degree / Post grad. diploma
8 – Honours bachelors degree / Higher Diploma
7 – Ordinary bachelor degree
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Rights: Some Rights Reserved; Open Access NDLR Licence (Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported) Applies 
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File Description SizeFormat
GUI Basichd.mp4Graphical User Interface (Basic) of Rapidminer16.73 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
text mining 3.mp4Text Mining 3 using Rapidminer26.1 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
text mining 2.mp4Text Mining 2 using Rapidminer15.58 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
text mining 1.mp4Text Mining 1 using Rapidminer24.68 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
support vector machines.mp4Support Vector Machines using Rapidminer18.27 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
outlier detection.mp4Outlier Detection using Rapidminer21 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
noise and feature selection.mp4Noise and Feature Selection using Rapidminer28.63 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
neural networks 2.mp4Modelling Neural Networks 2 using Rapidminer17.61 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
neural networks 1.mp4Modelling Neural Networks 1 using Rapidminer7.15 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
missing values.mp4Data Pre-processing - Missing values - using Rapidminer27.02 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
meta data.mp4Data Explortation - Meta Data using Rapidminer16.22 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
GUI Advanced.mp4Graphical user Interface (Advanced) of Rapidminer22.75 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
decision trees.mp4Decision Tree Classification using Rapidminer23.83 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
data visualisation entire length.mp4Data Visualisation using Rapidminer28.73 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
data visualisation - ROC Lift entire length.mp4Data Visualisation - ROC and Lift Charts using Rapidminer33.19 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
data type conversion.mp4Data Type Conversion using Rapidminer27.93 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
Data Loading - Flat Files.mp4Data Loading using Rapidminer19.48 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open

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19-Jan-2011 02:27:31
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